Last night I polled Facebook about how to layout the family wall.

I’ve been freaking out about hanging art because I am afraid I’ll screw up and, I dunno, throw the whole hammer through the wall. Then I have to spackle, sand and paint all over again! ::shudder::

So the choices were this:

Or this:

When it came down to it I decided to go with this:
Balanced, and yet, better wall coverage. A lot of the content needs updating, but that’s okay. The hard part is done. And I only put one nail in the wrong place!
20130114-141713.jpg Look at the change!

Can I tell you a secret: to keep a photo hanging just right use museum putty. We have an active household so photos and paintings are always going wonky. But a dot of putty (which leaves NO mark on the wall, even after YEARS) will keep things in place indefinitely.