Why is it that the smallest person in our family has the most complete bedroom? My answer: she didn’t need any new furniture, so it was the cheapest and easiest to finish.

In order to appreciate where we are today we have to take a look at where we have been. I can’t bring myself to call this the “after” of the before and after because spaces are always evolving, so there is no end, no finished, no “Welp, now I’m done!” I digress. As I was saying, first we have the before:

20130116-081053.jpgThis is the view standing in the doorway to the room. Come on, don’t you love the mauve?

20130116-081114.jpgThis is Maggie’s closet door.

20130116-081149.jpgNow, that’s much better!

We pulled up the carpet, and hired a company to refinish the original floors underneath. (If you are local and you want their number, you let me know!) The walls are Sherwin Williams “Sagey”. I made the curtains with fabric I found and JoAnn’s. That dresser was mine in the townhouse where our master bedroom was much larger. Eventually Maggie will have a white day bed or twin to go with it. The art is almost all from the townhouse, I just decided to hang it together instead of spreading it all out, one piece here, one there.

20130116-081201.jpgThis is the new view of Maggie’s closet. That bow organizer (not that she is really needing bows yet) is an idea I got from Jill at Baby Rabies a while ago. It’s simple and clever and if you have a glue gun, you can do it.


20130116-081222.jpgNail Polish.