20130128-085419.jpgImagining how a room will come together isn’t frightening. It’s acquiring pieces slowly and hoping that when you put it all together it actually comes together… That’s scary!

For example: I painted the bench weeks ago. But we haven’t had the funds to start acquiring fabrics and accessories. So each piece: the paint, the table, the cushions, the fabric curtains- they all hang over me in a worry of whether or not this cockamamy scheme is actually going to come together, or blow up in my face.

It’s true, it’s just fabric and pillows. No life hangs in the balance. This is the epitome of a first world problem. But it’s a risk to spend money and hope that what you see in your mind can actually manifest in reality.

20130128-085431.jpgIt all started with this: a tin I found at Joann Fabrics 6 months ago. But I didn’t know where I would use it.

20130128-085451.jpgThen I saw these chairs (the living room and kitchen are connected so if I’m going to embrace a retro vibe it’s going to have to exist in both rooms.

These chairs are amazing. I want them so bad!!

20130128-085516.jpgThis fabric could be great as pillows. Maybe on the chairs in the living room and on the bench in the dining area…

20130128-085504.jpgI see this fabric as curtains. Should I use it in both rooms? I dunno… Fear is starting to creep in, it’s a pricey fabric. What if I don’t love it? Maybe I should forget the whole thing.