20130204-075615.jpgLast week, before we implemented a moratorium on spending, I found this indoor/ outdoor candle tea light at Home Goods.

I love the 3D look of the petals, the shell material seems so playful, and the color is appropriately retro. Even though it would require work to wire it for electrical lighting it was well worth it.20130204-075529.jpgI put the Handy Husband to work fitting the light with the proper wiring and then we hung the light.

20130204-075625.jpgThe hallway is small and there isn’t wall space for art or any moldings to create visual interest, so I knew when we changed out the light I wanted something to add interest.

20130204-075634.jpgIt makes just the right amount of statement without being so bold people will tell me ‘that was a brave choice’ which, incase you didn’t know, is code for ‘yeesh’!

Hopefully tonight I can pull party and kitchen update pictures from my camera so I can blog about that this week!