I often choose different (or uncommon) household items because most common items contain more chemicals than I am comfortable with. Here are just a few:

20130207-221453.jpg1. I make my own lotion, antibiotic ointment, diaper cream. This is the finished product in front and some herbs infusing in oil to later become ointment.

20130207-221505.jpg2. The milk we drink comes in glass jars, from a local group of dairy farmers. It is low-temp pasteurized. I am curious about raw milk but unsure I will appreciate the texture of whole milk.

20130207-221517.jpg3. We use reusable ziplock bags for times when we don’t need an air-right seal. Always thinking about the green.

20130207-221533.jpg4. I use a natural deodorant. I have had a hard time finding something that I like the smell of, something that doesn’t smell artificial and yet isn’t completely ineffective. I really appreciate this healthy alternative and it works right along side my natural and vegan make up. (I have yet to find a waterproof mascara that I find to be rave-worthy).

20130207-221559.jpg5. This stuff is seriously amazing. I use it to treat my acne/zits. I was tired of having zits well into my 20s and I was frustrated that they all seemed to be deep in my skin so they throbbed with pain. I only had one or two at a time but they were just awful. I went to a local health store and the nutritionist told me that those deep zits are caused by imbalances in the body more than dirt on the skin. The difference was so quick and so obvious I haven’t looked back.

20130207-221611.jpg6. Fresh herbs.

The reason I am most excited about our move out here to greener pastures, is the opportunity to expand our home garden. We did several things with the tiny garden behind the townhouse but were always short on space and sunlight (it was often shadowed).

Here we will expand our fresh herbs, have apple trees, berry bushes, greens, root veggies and varieties of squash. (Not all at once, but over time we will get there. And this absolutely thrills me!)

20130207-221622.jpg 7. Glass food storage. We are moving to cast iron and ceramic cookware but have long used glass to store our leftovers. Someday soon I will start to phase out our microwave use, but that will take a bit of time because I’m not very organized right now.

I know you’re counting and that is only seven things. What is number eight? I will call number 8 our ‘reusables’. Everything from paper towels, to diapers, to Tree Hugger pads and the Diva Cup are reusables in this house. If you want to I encourage you to google the benefits of cloth ‘women’s’ items like those I’ve listed. I honestly thought the transition would be gross, and I would run screaming back to disposables, but the difference is tremendous.

So we will call number 8: The Reusables. And leave it at that.

I encourage you to stay tuned to next week’s: Eight normal things I use, despite my tendency to hug trees.