I may have done that.

I have underestimated how challenging it would be to move with small children, in the winter, right before Christmas. We have lots of little projects going on. The Handy Husband has his own list, I have mine. In order to best do these projects we need to be better organized (so we can find tools, so we best use our time throughout the day, and so I don’t spend 20 minutes every morning searching for sunglasses or swimsuits or school bags). In the townhouse we had less space and therefor used it most effectively.

We haven’t even been here two months but it feels longer than that, because we have managed to do so much and there have been holidays and a new year. It’s because of that time discrepancy that I feel I am falling short. There are days where I can’t find a screwdriver, like, at all. Sometimes I open every. single. drawer. before I manage to find my pants. I don’t want to get into how much I miss my old kitchen… so much space. I tried to bake cookies and had to open everything to find the baking soda- very frustrating. But in the end the cookies were baked.

I find myself inventing errands to run as a means of escaping my house for a few hours. Let me tell you, running errands with three kids is no picnic. So things might be a little desperate. In order to justify all this errant errand-running I take on more projects. Which leads to more half-stitched pillows and un-hung curtain rods and un-sprayed paint.

So instead of show you what I’ve done I will show you the things of my dreams:

Yellow Moroccan rug
Finished mud room
Menu planning, from-scratch making
King sized bed (somehow we end up with someone joining us more often than not).
Fuzzy, warm socks
Lazy day for the whole family