I got this fab chair free from a friend and used this spray paint tutorial. But when it came time for the upholstery… I just fudged it.

The first thing you do is pull off a few layers of fabric! It’s the scariest part, because its permanent- but you have to do it. Layering fabrics on top of other fabric makes it bunch and lay weird.

Here is what you need:
Staple gun
Fabric (I worked with more fabric than I needed, and only cut it after it was secured in place.)
Extra cushion for the pushin’? (You may need to beef up the cushion a bit. I prefer memory foam, cut to size.)

Here’s the chair, nearly finished.20130215-141243.jpg

I started by finding the manufacturer’s edge of the fabric. This allows an outside edge to be even. I chose a fabric pattern that doesn’t need to be centered but stripes, plaids, and some florals need to be centered on the cushion. I stapled the back edge first. I started IN THE CENTER. Placing one staple to the right of center and then left. I pulled the fabric tight, but not tight like a drum, like a fitted sheet, snug- not snare.20130215-141257.jpg

I stopped stapling here on both sides. About 3 inches from the corner. 20130215-141308.jpgThen after doing the back I moved to the front. Same rules apply:
Before setting the first stable experiment with how tight you want the fabric from back to front.
Start in the center
Work out in both directions simultaneously.

Then you have to do the sides. Play with how tight the fabric is. Set 2 staples in one side, then two in the other. Moving back and forth until you are 3 inches from the corner. Remember you can always pull out a staple- grab a butter knife- and re-do if the need arises.

Next I had to make this fold. It is just like making a bed. This is your hospital crease. (Do they still call it that?)20130215-141321.jpg

Now that all 4 sides are stapled the fabric will drape over the corners. And here is why you stop 3 inches away from the edge:20130215-141328.jpg

20130215-141340.jpgThe first step is to tuck the fabric under. To hold it there you will set 1 or 2 staples near my index finger.

Then you can fold the top over, leaving a crease right in the corner. You will need to set a few staples to hold it in place.

Then repeat this process on the other front corner.20130215-141354.jpg

The back corners are a horse of a different color. Luckily they were a piece if cake!20130215-145408.jpg

I just folded the fabric over on itself and stapled.20130215-145418.jpg

As you can see the edge isn’t finished. I will need edging and upholstery nails from my local fabric store. I’m getting that tomorrow. Luckily it will cost me less than $5 for both items!20130215-141231.jpg