Money is tight.  What are you going to do?

Sell old stuff on Craig’s List and use the money to buy more functional furniture, of course!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA There is nothing wrong with the black media cabinet, but we didn’t have one for the downstairs TV (it was literally sitting on the floor). Instead of get something new for the rec room we decided to get something a little shallower and better fitted to the TV wall for the playroom.

Then there is the question of the bistro style table.  While I will not deny the importance of having a place for my coffee that is out-of-the-way, it doesn’t store anything, and honestly, the size of the table top lead to an awful lot of piles on top of piles.

A thrifty Craig’s List find of my own (bookcase) and a trip to Ikea (TV unit) and we are good to go.  Bonus: It’s revenue neutral. Hah!

Too bad I forgot to buy the legs for the TV unit while I was there. Silly me!