So about a month ago I wrote about some of the crunchy granola things I have in my home. I’m finally getting around to the other half of that list:

20130308-073011.jpgK-cups. We have the reusable insert for our Keurig but, honestly, that thing is a nightmare! I end up with coffee grounds everywhere. That and when I need coffee, I need it now. Not after some-assembly-required.

20130308-073024.jpgPlastic bags. I love the planet, but I love fresh food more. Not everything fits in our reusable glass containers.

20130308-073037.jpgCleaning products. I will agree that vinegar, baking soda, and simple soaps can take you a long way in cleaning. But sometimes you need a little extra something. We use these on child-generated sticky messes. Because they often require quick clean up. I also have Windex and bleach. The bleach isn’t used often, but when we use it I’m glad I have it! Have you tried to get streak-free windows and mirrors without Windex (or generic)? Impossible! I tell you.

20130308-073055.jpgPain killers/ fever reducers. Acetaminophen (Tylenol) and ibuprofen (Advil) are a must in this house. We use them sparingly- but we absolutely use them.

20130308-073105.jpg Toilet paper. It’s made of recycled paper, but it is not cloth or tree leaves. There are plenty of people who choose that method, and I admire their dedication but am not interested in following their example.

So, hippie though I am, our lives are still pretty normal. Some of our products are different, but plenty of things are the same.