Oh, Henry, what can I say. When it’s just you and me (which I’m sad to sat is a rare and special occasion) you are a delight. You are helpful and sweet and complimentary. We love to bond over cocoa. (You would prefer a mug full of marshmallows, but you pretend to love cocoa as a means to a marshmallowy end).

You love to swim. Your skills match your enthusiasm. (Thank you for that)!

You know that you are three, and to you, three is a big change. You aren’t shy to tell me that three means you are a big boy now. And you are growin and growin bigger and bigger every day.

Although you are the most well-behaved when its just you and me, I think you really love being my middlest guy. The bromance you share with Jack runs deep: mischievous, trouble seeking and fiercely loyal. You also love to take care of Maggie. You love to celebrate her attempts to stand and walk by herself. You willingly share toys with her in an incredibly unselfish way.

You are mischievous and diabolical. Generous and kind. Snuggly and sweet.

You were the perfect birth to heal the emotional damage Jack’s c-section did to me. I will always remember the first words I said to you “We did it!” From that moment on you have always been my little hero. (Sometimes you act like a crazy lunatic trying to drive me over the edge, but even then you are still and always my hero.

I love you.