Last week I stayed at the beach a few extra days so the HH, handy husband, could get some things done.

I supervised the work via FaceTime. First up: build a wall for the Laundry Room. I’m all “Hey, send progress pics.”
It started out informative. I secretly wanted to be sure he was doing things exactly the way I wanted them done (not that I have control issues or anything.)
But after successfully building an awesome wall… Isn’t it pretty?!
Things quickly devolved when he moved on to the “Demolish the weird wall in the garage” project.
But you can see that yellow wall went behind the shelves. Taking valuable garage space… At the bottom left of the picture below was something disturbing- the pole on the floor often found under an I-beam. So my over active control freak imagination is all “ZOMG the garage has been structurally compromised!!

So I ask “Hey, what’s that pole for?” Trying to keep it casual so he can’t read the panic radiating from the tips of my fingers.

And this is what I get in response: