20130417-185657.jpg I planted quite a few things. I’m most excited about the blueberries (because how cool would that be?!) Either this is going to be a huge success and we will get to enjoy fresh homegrown food all through the spring summer and fall, or this is going to be a total disaster. Not that I’m defeatist or anything!

I’m hoping that the use of a soaker hose and iPhone reminders & timers and fences with tall netting will be the keys to our success.

Here is what I learned gardening at the townhouse:
1. If you have a pot, water and direct sun you can grow snap peas (even indoors). They are gratifying, tasty and kids love them!
2. Strawberries, mint and thyme are WEEDS! Box them in or they will take over everything!
3. Growing lettuce, peas and onions from seeds is surprisingly easy.
4. Tomatoes like to be HOT, if they get spots give them a Tums. (Poor guys have heartburn.)
5. Whether you grow in planters, pots or in the ground be sure your plans get enough sun! (Or you will watch a crop of eggplant and pepper shrivel up and die).