There is something about pregnancy and childbirth that is magical or spiritual. Something happens that although clearly defined and explained by science, it’s beyond reason. I like to think that children can somehow will themselves into being. I am merely the vessel.

So many things change when you are pregnant. Physically, my body changes, sure (I am after all, the vessel). But the emotional changes are primal. I would argue the emotional shifts are sweeping and deeply profound in preparation for childbirth. I dig down to the deepest wells of strength and well beyond the place of rational or critical thinking.


I’m not pregnant. I’m going to attend my first birth as a friend. All I have to do is show up, bringing love, support and a freezer dinner or two. The real work won’t be mine to do.

I’m not pregnant, but my bags are packed. My skin is tingling. When I think about getting ‘the call’ the adrenaline starts pumping. I am honored to be included. I am beyond humbled. I’m hoping that I will be able to provide all the love and support this momma (all mommas) deserve.

I’m also hoping that this experience solidifies my desire to become a doula.

20130430-084040.jpg I’m pretty certain that it will.

Birth is magical, I cannot wait to help this momma transform.