We found windows! Just take a minute to picture them in place…

20130505-133221.jpg Our old basement windows had 27×15 inches of glass surrounded by lots of framing. We saw these low e beauties at the Depot and getting 30x22in of glass seemed worth a $70 upgrade. Besides, we had already ripped out the wall so if we were going to do it, now is the time.

20130506-082124.jpg We cleaned the leaves out of the window wells and discovered they were filled with concrete. You are NOT supposed to do this- the water needs to seep through gravel into the ground.

20130506-082235.jpg After the Handy Hubby swung the sledge hammer around for a bit we cleared out the well and were ready to move on to the next step.

20130506-082316.jpg Window removal.

Sure, you can just knock them out with a sledge hammer but we don’t do that for 2 reasons: 1 it’s a perfectly good window, it’s just small- so we could reuse or donate it and 2 you never know what other damage you will do to the surrounding structure when you go all “cave man” with your demolition.

So we took the screws out of the frame. Then I kicked in the old window! Boom!

Handy husband held up the new window to see if we would need to remove one course of bricks or two and discovered that the window fit perfectly in the space!! Just some shims and screws and like that the projects was finished!

20130506-082404.jpg Just look at how happy he is! It’s so nice when projects go smoothly, because they rarely do!

Who knows what else we will discover in the basement. (This is, after all, just the first wall.)