I often underestimate these times of transition. When I shift from one state of being to another. This change is big and scary. For the last six years I have been pregnant or breastfeeding, with hardly time to breathe in between. I meet this new stage (no longer the baby-maker) I’m now a child-raiser, with real trepidation.

What if I miss the baby stage so much it hurts? I have been good at pregnancy and breastfeeding. What if I’m not as good at the other stuff? The chauffeuring? The school drama? PTA?

I could have held on longer. You could argue, rightly, that nursing for 2 years (instead of one) would be optimal for the health of the baby, and me. And I did go 5 weeks longer than I went with any other baby. Honestly, though, I just didn’t want to. And I think that’s okay.