Happy 30th birthday, younger husband. Your age (actual) has finally caught up with your soul (which is old). Unfortunately your back is ancient and your emotional maturity is quite behind… you are what 15?

I kid! I kid!

To celebrate the handy, nerdy, photographer husband that you are I am outing you. I discuss your handiness and nerdyness all the time. And I use photos you took without giving you proper credit (that’s okay, according to Maryland law, they are 1/2 mine anyway). But no one knows about your ridiculous selfies (unless you count the pole-dancing one).

Until now:





Happy 30th, my love. Stay as loving, funny, supportive, gentile, kind and smart as you were the day we met. Feel free to keep getting sexier with age, because that’s a sweet little bonus for me! But do me a favor, stop hurting your back, old man!