The work in the basement is ongoing. It’s messy, it’s difficult and we are about 1/3 of the way through the main room. (Later this summer we will be adding a guest room and office into what is now unfinished space.)

What we are doing in the main room changes hardly anything. It will look the same but be more airtight, better insulated, and what little mold there was will be removed.

These new windows will make quite a difference. There are two in the main room and one in the guest room.

Here is the original window:

And here is the new window: 20130527-205431.jpgI hope the difference is as clear on the screen as it is in person. They let in so much more light and are better looking. Of course, they are also low-e, so they will be nice and cozy.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that this remodel is worth it, because drywall and the dust- are not my favorite thing… Frankly, they might be just about at the bottom of my list.

If you see me around the next few weeks and there is white powder in my hair, it’s not premature grey, it’s spackle dust.