I haven’t been shy when speaking about my mood issues postpartum. I’ve felt that the best way to raise awareness is to talk about it because normalizing it means there is no shame. Which means seeking treatment is easier and less intimidating.

I only feel this way because Postpartum Progress has been so vocal and so influential to me and so many other warrior women, it’s time to give something back.

I am participating in the Climb Out of Darkness. I am hiking (hopefully at) Gunpowder Falls on June 21. I hope, dear friends, you will sponsor me and help support Postpartum Progress and all the important work they do. If you can donate a few dollars I would be honored. If you could tell someone “My friend had PPA, and it was bad, but she got better.” I would be honored. If you send your thoughts and positive energy while I sweat and schlep my kids around on the longest day of the year I would be honored.