Our garden is filled with weeds! At first this was incredibly discouraging. I tried to pull all the weeds every time I worked in there. It was totally overwhelming.

Finally, I decided it didn’t matter. The veggies are still growing strong- so I needed to focus on crisis management. Any weeds that were choking out veggies needed to be pulled. The same with the weeds that were right next to the veggies- I didn’t want them competing for water or nutrients. But all the rest? They can stay.
20130609-174515.jpgHeirloom zucchini

20130609-174529.jpgSwiss chard

20130609-174602.jpgCarrots (the skinny thing in the foreground near the soaker hose).

One of the reasons this garden is a success is the soaker hose! If I had to haul a hose (or worse a watering can) over there wag time I needed to water caring for the garden would have gotten old FAST.

With the soaker hose I just walk outside and turn on the water at the house and set the timer on my phone for an hour. Piece of cake!

20130609-174614.jpgSugar snap peas

20130609-174639.jpgMixed greens


Why are these so short and sad looking? Do you have pepper success? What do you do to achieve it?


20130609-174721.jpgTurnips (Which I thought were radishes, because I wasn’t looking at the seed pack very closely. But I’m happy to report- turnips are quite tasty!!)