Gender differences are a social construct. Boys are wild and tough because society rewards this behavior from them (and calls them sissies and whiners when they express emotion and are gentle and considerate). Girls are delicate and subdued because when girls act wild and unruly- well, that’s just crazy!!


Some of the hurtful and unproductive stereotypes (in my three participant, not remotely blind or unbiased study) are completely false. Yes, the boys are loud and physical and might be raised by wolves on the side for all I know, but Maggie is all of those things as well. She is also wild and adventurous and frighteningly fearless.

My kids are wild and crazy but they are also sensitive. I hope all of my kids will continue to express their emotions freely (no matter how annoying it is when they scream and cry that its raining outside or the cookies aren’t baking fast enough).

So far, so good. Gender stereotypes can be false. I’m not going to be the one to ask the boys to be tough or the girls to be sweet. Just be- true to yourself and kind to others.

On the other hand- pardon me while I pour myself a bowl full of my words and dig in…

Jack and Henry are in love with swords and guns and cars and jets and things that go really, really fast. (They also cook and garden so there is something). But they love to play fight and real fight and swing swords and build guns out of Duplos. Truth be told gun Duplos are superior- because it’s a no- contact experience. There is plenty of “pew pew pew” but no hitting- swords on the other hand….

I really naively believed that boys being into weapons was a social construct. We are really, really anti-gun in this house,so there isn’t much exposure here (and I was obsessive about controlling TV and movie exposure to weapons and violence) but they found a way.

Maggie shows no interest.

She loves a good handbag though.

Shoes, purses, dresses she can pull up over her head. These are the that bring this girl joy.

Where does she get this from? I’m not into accessories or makeup. I get excited about drywall and dirt.

Why must children always make us eat our words?!