He had an MRI last week, from what we can see on the films his L5/S1 disk is completely blown. (Um, ouch!)

He is able to go into the office for 3.5 hours a day. It’s incredibly painful for him to sit. So he has to stand and stretch often.

He isn’t suppose to lift anything. But he can’t seem to help himself when Maggie makes moon-eyes at daddy. He isn’t cooking much because its hard to stand. He can’t help with laundry because its too much bending an lifting. He shouldn’t be mowing the lawn but he keeps doing it anyway (at least it’s a riding mower.) He tries to help watch the kids but because he is stuck on he couch and can’t move quickly he has to pull me away from whatever cleaning or gardening or cooking I’m doing to pull apart the dueling kiddos.

Any work in the basement reno he was able to do was so exhausting when he finished gluing and screwing he has to lay down for an hour or more. He is doing yoga twice a day with my supervision (I might be on my way to get hired as a yoga instructor at he Y, random). So I’m suddenly using my yoga certification quite a bit!

Not surprisingly he is incredibly frustrated that he isn’t able to do all the things he wants to do. And I am incredibly exhausted, I unsurprisingly have a sinus infection (I can’t operate a full tilt forever without some kind of consequence.)

Somehow I’m keeping up, more or less, most of the time. But, man, oh man, I need a vacation. Or even to sleep in just once. Or a nap.

Luckily, this is temporary. But if it could hurry up and be over already that would be grrrrrreat.