I just found a tick on Henry.

Okay, actually Henry found it. He thought it was a strawberry seed stuck to his chest. It was that small.

20130702-161257.jpg See this? Me either. But that dot is the tick. Technically, its just the body. Crap. Crap. Crap!!

Ideally, we would have a doc comfortable starting. The 28 day course of antibiotics to treat prophylactically.

The pediatrician isn’t cool with that. He also feels retrieving the head isn’t “worth digging for”. I get it- Lyme is controversial. But my research, which isn’t just based on Dr. Google, says:
-retrieve the head
-if the bite is less than 4 hours old chance of transmission is minimal
-treat the bite, don’t wait for symptoms
-sometimes the bite can preceded symptoms for months, it’s not worth the wait

So I just held my 3 year old down while he screamed “No, mommy!! NO!!” I tried to reassure him, and apologize that I had to hurt him to get the ‘bad bug’ out.

When I told him I was done his lip quivered and he said “Mommy, you did a bad fing. Don’t hurt me!”

The head is out. I’m looking for a Lyme Literate MD, but feel good that the bite might be inside the 4 hour window.

I’m still shaking.

Think healthy thoughts for my middle guy.