1. Oh, god. Oh, god. This is going to be like Rescue 911 and I’m going to have a heart attack and pass out and fall off the mower and the mower is going to chop my legs off. (My obsessive worrying is nothing if not creative.)
2. It IS kind of like vacuuming the lawn- and I do like to vacuum.
3. I’m pretty sure I’m doing a better job than #brokebackhusband usually does…
4. Okay, this is kinda fun… Like a go kart.
5. I am so not butch enough for this.
6. Get better soon #brokebackhusband.

(To clarify I loved Brokeback Mountain, and yes I had my husband’s permission to call him that. And yes, he is secure in his progressiveness.)

I now have a slightly less paralyzing fear of spinning blades. Don’t get me started on garbage disposals…