That’s me!

It is so hot here this week. The heat makes me feel icky, which makes me irritable. The upside to all this heat is the continuing change in veggies.

This is why eating local is so good for YOU. It means you only eat (or mostly eat) what is available in any given season in your area, and you appreciate changes in the local ecosystem (stink bugs) and changes in climate that much more- because these things have a serious impact on local farmers.

But enough of that- what’s in the basket?

Beets (with coloring of radishes- these are called candycane beets)
Yellow pattypan squash
Honey whole wheat bread (try the herb sometime- so delish!!)
Lettuce head
Peaches (millions of peaches, peaches for free)
**not pictured Corn (yup, forgot to put them in the pic!)

So, what’s on the menu?

I’m tempted to say “I give up! This week it’s chicken nuggets and sushi!”
But that would be wasteful- so maybe just one night of naughty-goodness, then?

Zucchini bread (always eaten, never wasted!)
Potpie or maybe a shepherd’s pie (with the carrots and zucchini)
Insalada Caprese (tomato & motz salad)
Peach cobbler (Matt loves making that, and brokebackhusband is feeling better this week.)

Any ideas for candy cane beets or chard? (I’m about to blow up Pinterest with some recipes- but I thought if you, gentle readers, had any delicious secrets I would love to hear them (or get a link).

Happy hump day, friends!!