We are not meant to have it all together all the time. It’s the times of true uncertainty, sheer terror or complete confusion that create confidence and strength of will.


I would like to have it all figured out, if you please. I would like to stroll merrily through life with enough sleep, making all my commitments on time, with healthy and beautifully behaved children. While we are at it, I would like to always be recently showered, never forget my makeup or deodorant and lose these last 5 pounds.

Since I’m making a list, I would like to add: I want to be successful and confident as a mother, as a spouse, and as a small business owner. (Click Mommaste on the sidebar for more on that). I would like to forever rid my days of that nagging feeling that in forgetting something. (If you know what it is, call me! Because its driving me nuts!!)

When I feel like this I feel like I need to change the meds I’m taking. Because I just feel so out of sorts. But then I look at the calendar and realize I’m right in the middle of PMS-y fun. Damn. At least I know I’ll be a little less crazy soon. Because I can’t live like this, at least not without an end in sight.

On an upside: our beer brew is going quite well and the brokebackhusband (who is really on the mend, yay!) will be guest blogging tomorrow.