This morning I saw an infuriating video about Monsanto. Also known as the ultimate evil. For more on that check out these videos, because if you don’t know what Monsanto is, you should. And if you aren’t really stinking mad, you are either incredibly zen or you need to know more.

So after breathing deeply and tryin really hard not to let Monsanto ruin my day I realized: I support local farmers! I don’t use Round Up, I don’t eat food with GMO’s (hardly ever), I don’t even purchase Monsanto subsidiary products.

This isn’t like my thing against ChickFilA or Walmart or Hobby Lobby. This isn’t about gay marriage or tax rates or health care or birthcontrol or government being big or small. Those are my things based on values that are important to me.

This is about food. The thing that sustains us. The thing many of us bow our heads and give thanks for each day. The thing we work hard at jobs to pay for and work hard in the kitchen to prepare.

This is about Monsanto. A company so big it controls so much of our food in this country and does not care, literally, doesn’t care at all about whether or not the food or the sprays… Yes they make both… are killing us, killing the Eco system. ::cough:: agent orange ::cough::

Sorry. I try to avoid being preachy. It’s not good for me to try to control or influence the behaviors of others and I don’t want to be the type of person who makes others feel guilty or inadequate.

Okay- I could go on for hours. But I’m going to stop myself and tell you about this week’s CSA basket and our meals for the week.
Cheddar cheese
Green beans
Challah bread
Green peppers

The plan:
Cookout- use that corn! & those green beans even some cheese on the burgers
Veggie smoothies- peppers & beets
Fruit salad

I think I’m going to skin the tomatoes to start making tomato sauce. Because I’m about to have a bunch ripen in my own garden. And the skinned tomatoes will freeze just fine until I’m ready to make a big batch.

After all that negativity I want to leave you with this fantastic Farm to Table Maryland documentary teaser The Maryland Harvest.