The Basement:

The large rec. room is completely painted. Some of the new, sexy baseboard and door mouldings have been installed. Generally, it’s finished!

However, the office addition, which is currently unfinished storage, is about to begin. (Like, this weekend.) Fortunately, most of the work can be done before we have to cut the hole for the new door, so the rec. room won’t look like a construction zone for a while!


Is continuing to recover. He is going to PT twice a week. I’m hoping his rate of recovery continues to increase because I have some exciting commitments coming up and I really want to be able to leave the kids with daddy without worrying what condition they will all be in when I get back. (More on that in a bit.)

Captain Jack:

Jack loves playing card games, drawing elaborate comics, playing Harry Potter on the Wii, and boogie boarding in the ocean. Suddenly he loves to quiz us on math problems. Addition and subtraction. Sometimes he will ask what 100+3 is or 100+100 but usually he sticks to numbers 1 thru 10. He has little interest in practicing reading, and we let it slide, for now.

Kindergarten is less than a month away. And he is so ready! We even have some play dates scheduled with the entire kindergarten class. His school is so small- it’s great that they are doing this! Our kindergarten party is next week, so I will give you the scoop on that shortly!

Speaking of Jack and things that are happening next week- the Moms Group that we joined when Jack was 8 weeks old is meeting for a “Holy moly, I can’t believe they are going to kindergarden!” party. I can’t wait. There may be tears. There will definitely be a photo op!

Henry Doodle:

Oh, Henry. What can I say, he is 3. So he likes something one minute and loathes it the next. He wants to do everything himself, until he doesn’t, and then he’s mad he doesn’t get help fast enough. He is almost 3 and a half. I hope it will be over soon!!

Preschool starts in early September. He will go 3 mornings a week, and have the same teachers Jack had 2 years ago. He says he is excited, but I think he is nervous. The first week might be quite an adjustment. Luckily, the first week they start slow with just an hour of class each day. I’m also excited for him to have some friends of his own, because if you ask him who his friends are he usually lists Jack’s buddies.

He loves playing outside, building forts and making train tracks. He also loves playing with Maggie, which is very cute to see. He also LOVES to help cook. Little chef.

Maggie Roo:

She really loves purses and shoes and is starting to try to pick out her clothes. Um. Wow.

She loves to do the splits and backbends. Maybe yoga or gymnastics this fall while her brothers are in school? She also loves the beach and the pool she is totally obsessed with water and seems to be fearless. So perhaps a swim class as well?

She is quite the chatterbox. Her vocabulary currently includes:
All done
Yeah (said as, yeah yeah yeah while nodding)
Cheese (for pictures and food)
Vroom (cars)


My new business!

Two years ago I was taking my yoga teacher training classes. As part of the coursework I needed to explore one aspect of yoga and research it. I chose pregnancy and postpartum. The more I learned, the more I wanted to know. I was pregnant with Maggie at the time, so my interest was not only based on wanting other mommas to have a healthy and happy pregnancy and birth, but based on the desire to have the same.

I felt that not only would I want to help women prepare for birth with prenatal yoga, but help women and their partners through the birth itself. I’ve only been to one birth, so far, but it was incredible. I hope this can become a successful enterprise for me, because I would love to do this job for the rest of my life!

I am working on adding a lending library and some discount services for military families. But without further ado- here’s the site: Mommaste

When Mommaste’s Facebook page reaches 108 likes I’m going to have a little giveaway. So head on over there and like me on Facebook!

Little Old Me:

Things have been interesting for me lately. I took the kids to the beach for 5 days and left my anxiety meds at home. Bad idea. Nothing particularly dramatic happened. But it’s just so clear that I’m better when I can take them. I’m a hippie, echinacea drinking, homeopathic using, eastern medicine loving, local eating, tree hugging hippie. But I truly believe western medicine belongs in my daily life. My allergy meds and anxiety meds are good for me.

I entered Sluiter Nation’s 6th anniversary giveaway. And won! So I’m having my blog evaluated to see how social media savvy I am. There maybe some changes and improvements coming! Woo hoo!!

Also, I was invited to Greenberries for a local blogger wine and cheese event next week. I’m not a big-wig blogger but I do love having this creative outlet. So when I get recognized for it, it’s really exciting for me!! So I will be tweeting and Instagramming that next week as well.

So that’s what’s new with us. What’s new with you?