Here is how our CSA works:
I bought a share for less than $800 for the year. Our CSA is direct from a farm in our area. They grow almost everything themselves, but they have family in NC who also run a farm and they get 1 item per week in the beginning of the season from them. The food isn’t officially organic, but it’s grown by people who truly care what we put in our bodies so if there is any pesticide or fertilizer it’s used responsibly (getting USDA organic certification is difficult, costly and time-consuming so small farms usually don’t bother even if the food is actually organically grown.)

Every week from the first week of June- mid November on my assigned day I drive to my previously determined pick-up location (there are 5) to get my share. It totals 20 weeks- or there about.

When I arrive there are large bins with each produce item and a sign above telling me to take 6 ears of corn or 2lbs of tomatoes or 1 dozen eggs. I use the scales provided to measure my take. If it isn’t crowded the kids get to help, so they get a lesson in counting and determining weight.

This week:

White corn
Cheddar and MontyJack cheese (purchased separately)
Green Peppers
Green Beans

We are eating:
Veggie enchiladas
Burgers and corn on the grill
Fish and green beans
Personal veggie pizzas
More cobbler, dear? (If he knows what’s good for him.
And perhaps a shepherd’s pie.

Maybe I’ll can some more marinara or some salsa. Doing the small batch was kind of nice, certainly less exhausting. But I do miss my canning partner…

My garden has tomatoes an carrots at the ready. I have some sad news about my apple trees- Japanese beetles have pretty much eaten all the leaves. So now I’m watering sticks in the ground, but there is always next year…

How is your CSA? Garden? Got some pots in a window?

Tell me all about it.

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