First: there was me.
Then: along came Jack.

I was laying in my hospital bed recovering from major abdominal surgery; a woman came into my room. She told me about a free county program for new first-time moms. She encouraged me to come with promises of support and friendship.

20130802-081057.jpgIn the beginning it was just Jack and I, but that didn’t last for long.

20130802-081107.jpgI found friends. We were all different but unified by our raw, vulnerable, inexperience with motherhood.

20130802-081123.jpgStaying together beyond those first 8 weeks of the county program was easy. Our schedules didn’t always coordinate but sometimes our whole group was able to come together.

The babies didn’t understand the bond we shared, but we did. We shared our first diaper rashes, first clogged milk ducts, first time our husband wondered what we did all day. Really?! We were united by our lack of sleep and our bookshelves filled with advice on sleep and love and vaccines and discipline.

20130802-081145.jpgSome of us went on to have other babies, we enrolled the kids in preschool and summer camp and swimming lessons and ballet classes.

Our schedules became filled. We weren’t starved for ways to fill the day but we missed the time together. To compare notes.

20130802-081153.jpgEven though our visits become less frequent and our babies are not babies anymore. They are kindergarteners. We are not bleary-eyed sleep-deprived shell-shocked new mommas anymore.

But when we come together I remember, now with fondness, that time. We were so lost and overwhelmed, but we had each other. An we still do, have each other, even if its only once or twice a year.

Emily 2 (of 3)