Our second week of school had left me pleasantly busier than the first!

Labor Day weekend we went to the beach and enjoyed a long day at the beach. (The kind of long day I’ve fantasized about ever since we got pregnant with Jack). We went to the beach in the morning and stayed all day. Usually someone quits on us right after lunch. But that day we stayed well into the afternoon. We sat in chairs as the kids played around us. It was dreamy perfection.

I started teaching yoga on both Tuesdays and Thursdays at the local Y. At first there were 7 people in my class (back in June). By the end of my first month if had dwindled down to just 3. I was starting to wonder if it was me, but then last week and this week the class size has grown! On Tuesday the room was full. Today the class was so full we had to move from the yoga room to the basketball court!

After that class I went to the New Moms Group (like the one Jack and I did when he was a baby) I got to teach mommies with babies 3 months old down to the littlest- 4 weeks! I definitely got my baby fix… it should tide me over for a month or two.

Jack continues to love kindergarten. (Mommy loves it too, I was really sad an nervous leading up to it, but its great!) During the first week he was moved from the yellow to the purple and finally the blue table. He seems to have found a home there on blue, for now. He is already a pro at riding the bus, and apparently he has a new girlfriend. (This one is trouble!)

Henry loves being the biggest boy while Jack is at school. He is attentive and helpful. He loves the 1:1 time and so do I! I’m seeing him in a whole new way and now all of a sudden he can do things, like buckle himself, open his car door (to get in), dress himself. He is a whole new man! He is actually getting excited about preschool, which he starts next Tuesday. He’s my shy guy, so I hope it’s not to hard on him.

Maggie, oh Maggie. She is a talker and a climber and hilariously clear about what she wants. It’s almost like playing charades and when you guess what she wants she giggles and claps at you. I hope our little time alone together isn’t too boring for her. She is so accustomed to being amidst all the action.

#brokebackhusband seems to enjoy brewing (I have charged him with the task of making a butter beer, you know what that means?! Harry Potter party!!) His back is much improved, yay! And his pet project the basement office/guest room is coming together quite nicely!

I’ve also been working on the gardening. Whenever I can, which isn’t often, but some work is better than none!

How are you? Is this your first week of school? How are you adjusting? Any new projects?

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