The first day was a total success. The second day? Not so much.

Which is weird because Henry is not a mommas boy. That guy loves his daddy. So when I took him for orientation (a shortened class where I get the class info and he gets to know teachers an classroom) and he went off on his own. Found a cash register with money in it, grabbed it all, and ran to show me. (Future bank robber? White collar criminal?) He left me alone for the duration of the parent meeting, which was great, because I could concentrate and pay attention! I thought we had it made; I thought I was in the clear. I should know better.

The next day I was not so lucky. He hid behind the classroom door, after much coaxing and some dragging and even some shameless bribery he finally entered the room. And promptly was over whatever hesitation he had.

So Maggie and I snuck out for some Starbucks and errands at Target. She talked my ear off the whole time! Her language exploded. It was like she was waiting to have me all to herself… and then BOOM!