School is great. He loves his teacher and his friends on the bus. He has 6 loose teeth! He is reading, a bit. And is learning to spell. His favorite number is a billion (of course!)

Loves preschool. He is in enrichment 2 days a week so he stays for lunch at school. His teachers tell me he is calm and patient and a good listener. I wish he was so easy going at home, but I love that he is doing so well in the classroom!

Has had a word explosion. She now says: mama, dada, Jack, Henry, me, Perry, Minnie, please, juice, more, cookie, cracker, car, baby, all-done, clap, pee-pee, poo-poo, potty, go, bike, fish, boat, banana, cheese, up, down, hi, bye-bye, green, purple, color, yes, no, GiGi, PaPa, apple, pretty, paci, open, close, yes and no …For a total of 43 words. Slow down, little lady!!

She insists on using the potty several times a day. I’m just following her lead, I have no idea if she will still be this interested in another month or if she will loose interest.

Brokebackhusband is still furloughed. It’s not official but looking likely that he will eventually get paid back. In the meantime our savings is being put to use. We are working on projects around the house. Mostly cleaning, organizing, and things we already have supplies for like hanging some shelves.

Professional hippie wife is now the sole breadwinner. Teaching a few yoga classes a week and working to get the Doula biz up and running. …when the granola-eating peace-loving communist-wannabe-wife earns more money than her desk-jockey husband….. There might be a furlough….

But my healthy dose of perspective is this- the furlough and the worry that comes with it hasn’t been the most upsetting or concerning thing in the ‘news feed’ of my life lately. So although I will be snarky and complain the truth is I’m grateful. Tough times. I’m putting my thoughts in places other than letting them circle the drain of worry about my own stuff- my thoughts are far away with friends grieving a loss, friends healing after unexpected health problems, friends dealing with their own darkness and uncertainty. I put myself with them. I say: it sucks, it’s not fair, it’s hard, but I am here for you. We can do this together. (Just like my friends are doing for me, pitching in and helping me out when I’m in need). It all comes back, so I try to pay it forward.