It’s been a long time since I’ve had a space of my own. A place where I can set a project and come back to it later. Because in my world, if you leave something unattended, the likelihood that a child or cat will get into it is alarmingly high. This also means when I do put things in ‘safe’ places I have a hard time finding them again.

My space for organizing to-dos and keeping track of birth clients and storage for my library of yoga, birth, natural living and parenting books. I’m hoping that one of the results is that I will find it easier to stay organized. (Fingers crossed!)

20131014-102954.jpg My desk is really coming together.

20131014-103019.jpgA space for books.

20131014-103109.jpgYarn storage, and Ganesha.

Let’s hope Ganesha provides me the knowledge and wisdom I need to be the doula I hope to be. I also hope he removes the obstacles in the lives of my clients so they can achieve the birth they desire. But also I truly hope that whatever is stalling progress in our government is resolved, because our family is fast-approaching real trouble, and we are certainly not the only one!

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