Far from it actually.

More often that I would like to admit I have been insensitive and down-right rude. I’m ashamed to admit I have said “That’s so gay.” I have RSVPed that I would attend events and then not shown up. I’ve yelled at my kids (okay, that’s not really earth-shattering, who hasn’t raised their voice when they shouldn’t have?!). I have said deliberately hurtful things to friends in the name of ‘honesty’. I stole a peanut from the giant bulk peanut bin at the grocery store when I was 6.

I’m not a saint.

I try not to cast stones.

I have flaws, and they are many.

But the key is- I’ve evolved. I make an effort every day to be sensitive to others. I try to always thing before choosing my words. I try to live a life of integrity as modeled by the peers I admire.

I still wish I had it right all the time. But I realize I don’t.

That’s it isn’t it? Trying to be better, trying to live with integrity. I don’t have it all figured out. I probably don’t have MOST of it figured out. I’m a work in progress- but I’ve learned in order to have the progress you have to put in the work.

What’s keeping you busy this week? I have lots going on this week. How about you? Busy? Slow moving? On vacation. Gimme the scoop!