This is a recipe for beer.

Yes! Real beer! So put your home-brewer hat on and follow me! We’re going to Hogwarts!!

20131108-092322.jpgBe sure to have an alcohol-free option for non-drinkers, kids, and pregnant ladies. As a doula- I’m always thinking about the pregnant ladies!

Flying Cauldron is my personal fave!! So tasty!

Quick party tip:

20131108-092405.jpgMake sure the acquisition of party cups is fun!

20131108-092428.jpgAdults and kids alike loved this little ‘sorting ceremony’.

On to the beer!
You will need:
a home brew kit. (We use Brewers Best)
2lbs extra light DME (Dry Malt Extract)
3.3 lbs light LME (Liquid Malt Extract
1lb crystal 80L (steeped at 158 degrees for 20 min)
1oz Northern Brewer hops 9.9%A (steeped 60 min)
1oz Saaz 3.2%A (steep 1/2oz for 10min then 1/2oz for 3min)
1 packet Windsor Yeast (11g)
(This is on your first day if brewing.)

Siphon that puppy into your primary fermenter.
Let her sit in a cool dark room for at least 7 days.

You will also need:
1tsp cinnamon
1vanilla bean (in 4oz dark rum 4oz vodka)
1/2oz butterscotch extract to taste
1tsp vanilla extract
(These items are needed when transferring to the secondary fermenter.)
Transfer your beer to the secondary fermenter, add all the items.)
Put that beauty back in a cool dark room for another 7 days.

**fair warning- this makes 50 bottles of beer.

Then bottle! Let her sit in the bottles for 3 weeks. Then put on a Hogwarts tee, invite a bunch of friends over, sit down to a movie (I prefer #5) and crack open a bottle, or two!

The ABV will be about 4%

Do be sure to have some snacks handy!! Just in case.