You mean your grocery store doesn’t give you a holiday card…. That’s so weird….

20131113-180138.jpgIn addition to a card I got 3 carrots just like this! Wowzer!

20131113-180157.jpgI also snagged some sunset beets. Aren’t they appropriately named?!

20131113-180310.jpgCheckout these Brussels sprouts!

20131113-180333.jpg I mean, look at our final bounty! Included in the CSA share:
Ciabatta bread
Apple cider
Sunset beets
Kettle corn
Brussels sprouts
Stamen apples
Carrots- oh my!
Grannie Smith apples
Russet? Potatoes
Green beans

Extras: (not that I needed them- but I couldn’t resist the goodies!)
Pumpkin ice cream
Blackberry jam
Chamomile peach goats milk soap (I wish you could smell it!)

So- suggestions for how to best enjoy Brussels sprouts?! I want to like them…