It’s not just a hilarious movie with Reese Whitherspoon and Vince Vaughn, but it’s also how our holiday went down this year:


20131229-230204.jpgHo Ho Ho

20131229-230218.jpgChristmas Eve (living the homesteader dream with my new pressure canner!)



20131229-230312.jpgMore opening pandemonium!

20131229-230324.jpgHappy Wife

20131229-230340.jpgHot Wheels!

20131229-230429.jpgSanta came! (And brought Minnie)

20131229-230439.jpgAnd a Flying Dusty! (the Planes plane)

20131229-230455.jpgand Nerf Guns (because apparently Santa had a major lapse in judgment. Thinking somehow that a 5 year old possessed anywhere near enough self control not to shoot EVERYONE IN THE FAMILY. Thanks a bunch, Santa.)


20131229-230519.jpgHat by Ms. KnittyFantastico

20131229-230544.jpgCheese Woman

20131229-230557.jpgGrandma & Grandpa


20131229-231123.jpgUncle Tom and Aunt Alba call on the gamer in all of us.

20131229-231142.jpgBy the end of a week of photo taking we ended up with a deplorable lack of images from Christmas #4. And no pics of Aunt Alba- so for all we know I’m just telling you she was here but really she was off in Puerto Rico…

Not that I’m bitter that they did spend a week in PR before coming to rainy and cold Washington DC. Maybe I should make them hang out again so we can stage some fake pictures??? Or is that going too far?