Most memorable events/moments of the year. (As seen and judged by me and only me.) The amazing, the awful, and everything in between.

13: BrokeBackHusband earns his name. (The back injury that just kept on giving… All. Summer. Long.) He is taking much better care of himself and preventing relapse or further injury, and I’m becoming more patient and understanding- but it’s a process.

12: My new revelations about mental health, nutrition and self care. Now, sanity is invaluable, and feeling like I can accomplish my personal and familial goals without compromising my ability to seek balance. I’m so glad I feel like I’m there!!

11: The furlough. I have nothing else to say about that.

10: The garden. It was so fun an such a learning experience that I’m really looking forward to how it evolves in 2014.

9: Kindergarten. What a wonderful, awful, exciting and scary experience. Jack seemed to take everything in stride, but I’m sure he was filled with complex and conflicting emotions even if he wasn’t able to name them.

8: Preschool. While I continue to struggle to understand the nuances of Henry’s personality, his teachers find him to be charming and well-behaved in school. If he won’t ‘be good’ for me at least he will for his teachers!

7: Maggie turned one. My last baby is sprinting towards toddlerhood. It’s both hilarious and heartbreaking. I’m working towards being okay with it.

6: Becoming a real yoga instructor. All of a sudden the summer hit and I ended up with a yoga teacher job at the local Y. Shortly after that I was teaching prenatal yoga. In a classically “yoga” turn of events the perfect opportunities seemed to present themselves at just the right time.

5: Reuse & Recycle. I’ve gotten my hands on some great chairs, doors, salvaged wood, and other thrifted things and I’m so excited to be furnishing our mid-century ranch with mid-century items! It’s low-cost high-style and keeps cool things from unnecessarily ending up in landfills.

4: Taking the doula training class. It was fantastic! It was filled with wonderful people who I’m still in touch with. It confirmed many of the things I had read and researched over the years learning about natural birth, home birth and pregnancy. The class also included practical information I would have never otherwise encountered.

3. Birth Junkie. I attended my first birth (which confirmed my interest in all-things-Doula) and my second birth which solidified everything. Besides empowering women -which I love to do- I also get to enjoy squishy brand new babies!

2: Seven years of Mawiage. I absolutely have my moments where I could blame my husband for everything. (Who doesn’t?) Broken back, Sheldon lookalike and all- he supports me when it matters and calls me on my BS when I need it.

1: Support of family and friends. I have a really wonderful network of people who I’m not afraid to ask for help and who give freely and without judgment. Help with the kids, advice about knitting, a good laugh, need to borrow $20? My people are there for me. I’m fairy certain they all know they can ask anything of me anytime and I will bend over in urdhva dhanurasana to make it happen for them!

What were your best moments of 2013? What are you looking forward to in the new year?

Reviews of years past:
Never reviewed 2009…. Oops!

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