I’m an impulsive person. (No?! Really??!!) This post contains a few actual curse words and many allusions to curse words. Brace yourself.

87.5% of my posts are knee-jerk statements, emotional downloads or otherwise impulse uncontrolled over shares of what’s new with us. I find a quiet moment and I go on a typing rampage. Just so you know: we are up to swim lessons, Lego engineering after school camp, searching for a local summer pool & switching preschools next fall.

But the other 12.5% of my posts are long-premeditated, slow-cooked ideas that I may try desperately to get out of my head, and when I fail I end up here. Writing (confessing) late at night- in the hopes I can finally just go ‘the eff to sleep’ already. I find my mind wandering to these topics while driving, running errands, meditating.

I’ve been waiting to be stalked by inspiration but I’ve got nothing!

How do you find inspiration?