Not that my posts are typically filled with delicious and fluffy pastries but sometimes I want to focus on the nitty gritty- the meat if you were. Because its not looking like I’ll ever get around to making a baby book, so I’m probably going to have to copy and collate the entirety of this blog and have triplicate copy- just incase any of my kids want to make sure momma wasn’t a slouch.

Here’s what’s what:

The Doula biz is in full swing! It’s looking like I’m averaging one client per month, which is just right for our family’s schedule right now. I have a momma who has had a few false-starts (which is to be expected for a first time mom) but after some water and a hot shower and a nap it was clear that today was not the day. We’re ready, baby! Anytime!!

I’m in major renovation planning mode. I have some great ideas to spruce up the front of the house (when we solve the double front door problem this spring). I have also been spending some time on Etsy and EBay checking out some vintage and handmade options for the “orange rooms” which are the living room, kitchen and kinda the playroom. It’s clear that when I go more than about a week with a project not in the works I get a little itchy….

Jack has switched to a new swimming class (which a friends from school happens to be in) and he is loving it. And I have learned my lesson that while I understand diagnosing my child is completely meaningless and isn’t a label or stereotype or destiny he has to manifest- I can’t expect the same of others. So I won’t make that mistake again!

Henry is responding well to some of the changes I’m making in how I parent him. He needs more validation, more supervision and more positive reinforcement than either of the other two, and I was getting used to parenting being “easy” which is hilarious- because even when it’s easy it’s like spinning around on a baseball bat 10 times and then walking across a tightrope. But regardless- I’m just excited that it seems we are better understanding one another.

Maggie, well, she’s a little fish in the water. She’s stringing 2 and 3 words together. She’s trying to count and identify colors and is adorably wrong as often as she is right. I’m ready to disassemble the crib but brokebackhusband is deep in the denial that she is ready for her big-girl bed (which is already in her room) making things awfully crowded!

We are gearing up for a family reunion in a few weeks- which I’m really psyched about. But my mom and I are having some minor creative differences as to whether or not it’s safest to drive overnight while kids sleep but its dark or drive during the day while kids are aware and restless but its light.

How do you drive?? Late at night? Middle of the day? What would you do if you have 3 kids in one small car for several hours? Your ideas are very welcome- because we are not well practiced in anything but a 4 hour road trip. Any tricks for us or them is much appreciated!!