I often hit the wall, after a long week or when I have PMS. But this is not that kind of wall.

This wall is a little midcentury meets atomic meets eclectic sentimentality. This is THE photo wall. It constantly changes, but there are several permanent fixtures.

20140131-202610.jpgThe “first home” key, the brokebackhusband peering over the camera, the “forever home” picture. The latest additions are the Maryland print from etsy, the atomic art I sketched when inspired by an eBay item (which my husband is thankful I did not buy), and soon to come a funky letter ‘N’.

I’ve decided that as a counterpoint to this living room wall, the family room wall will be nerd-chic:

20140131-213108.jpg The Firefly nod, and some Maggie art are coming soon. Any other pop-culture / fangirl art ideas?