We are a year into living in our midcentury rancher. And how small our new kitchen is has become painfully clear.

Our townhouse has a great kitchen. Big space. Great storage. Lots of light.

Like a typical 1950s/1960s ranch we are working with a tiny galley kitchen. Our big kitchen/great room renovation is at least 6 (probably more) years away. In the mean time, how do we cope, entertain, have enough space for all our stuff in the mean time?!?!

Enter my extremely low cost and not so difficult solution!!

We have an extra 4 feet of countertop and two 18inch lower cabinets. (They used to live where our dining room and bench seat now live.) I’m thinking we should create the worlds smallest kitchen peninsula right here. Add a little space for the garbage and maybe recycling? Just like that we gain extremely valuable countertop and cabinet space.

Cool, huh?!

Now does anyone wan to take bets on how long it takes me to coerce #brokebackhusband into taking this on??