This would be great if I were becoming the organizer, accomplished hostess, planner, hard-worker that she is… But no…

My hands are dry and cracked. (I haven’t used lotion since I was bathing in chlorine 5-7 times a day). I have to wear gloves when I clean. I always, ALWAYS, rolled my eyes at my mom when she said she needed to wear gloves. I thought she just didn’t like to touch “dirty” things.

My hands and feet are cold All. The. Time. I would wear tank tops in the wintertime and feel comfortable. I now find unless I’m working out or doing calisthenic house work I have to wear layers INDOORS.

I have also reached the place where my metabolism isn’t keeping up anymore. No more french fries on the side, or eating 8-10 cookies a day. (Yes I was doing these things until about a week ago). I always wondered why on earth a person would have half a sandwich and soup OR salad. I want it all! ::grabby hands:: Portion control is not really my thing…. And I thought my mom was being “weird about food” and “trying to diet” turns out she was just trying not to gain 10 lbs in 6 months like I did.


So I’m becoming my mother.

I now wear gloves to clean. I wear layers. I don’t eat whatever I want (at least not all the time). I found my first gray hairs a few weeks ago and I am NOT ready to start monthly salon trips to maintain my sense of youth!

Lets hope some of those other more redeeming qualities start rubbing off soon too!

I know I sound a little woe is me, so let me say- I would still take all the things that come with being in your 30’s over the restlessness and uncertainty that came with my 20’s.

So how about you? Are you becoming your mother or father? Are you aging gracefully?