I’ve mentioned before that our crib is kind of a big deal.

20140221-135054.jpgIts antique, or vintage… Whatever. My mom slept in it in 1953. I and my brother slept in it in 1981 and 1985 respectively. (After my dad made some safety modifications, of course). Then we pulled it out again in 2008 and just changed who slept in it in 2010 and 2012. It’s the end of an era in this house…

20140221-135135.jpgLuckily our crib isn’t near the end of its life. It’s going to need one more modification before Uncle Tom and Aunt Alba fill it again, but luckily making the rails undroppable is a quick fix! Because that’s the not entirely new crib safety regulation: the rails cannot drop. But like I said, this fix is very easy! So they can get busy using it anytime….
No, really…

20140221-135150.jpg All the parts are catalogued and stored for safe keeping until then!