20140316-235941.jpgHere are some of this year’s seeds. (They require full sun but I forget to move them to the other window so often they are only getting sun from sunrise to noon.)

I talk about the homestead often. We are starting to get comfortable in our new place and thus are making more decisions about landscaping.

Brokebackhusband and I talked for 2 hours while wandering through the yard (it’s not that big of a yard) before finally settling on a spot.

Now we are expanding. Planting other veggies in greater number and working on improving the flower beds too.

I am not a master gardener. I kill plants all the time. But what I lack in proper planting techniques and remembering to water I more than make up for in enthusiasm.

I kill house plants with an alarming rate of frequency. (We don’t have any right now.). I forget to water the veggie garden 50% of the time. You’re supposed to water newly transplanted bushes and trees as often as needed (depending on rain) to keep the root ball wet. I NEVER follow through nearly as well as I should. Intact during the hottest part of the summer I forget for 4-6 days at a time.

Somehow everything outside always comes back. Maybe the plants can sense my good intention…

20140316-235954.jpgThis is how I (or my kids) water the seeds. They seem able to remember to water more often than me iwonderwhy itsasquirtgun.

I just try to keep the dirt moist, but the dirt has been dry and powdery on more than one occasion. I talk to the plants, and tell them I appreciate them, and talk to them about what it will be like to be transplanted outside.

I use blood and bone and compost for fertilizer. And I stick to organic seeds and dirt and fertilizer. (Like: bones ground from fresh caught fish.)

20140317-000050.jpgI’m a terrible plant mom. And the plants grow anyway.

This batch of seeds? Maggie has knocked most of them on the ground at least once. I just gathered the dirt up in my hand and put it back in the planter cups. I had just about given up hope that anything was actually going to grow. But you would never know which ones spilled! They’re all still growing.

I’m not the perfect gardener. Sometimes, I’m outright crappy. But the plants don’t seem to mind.

I’m telling you this because, if you want to try it, you should! If I can do it, trust me, you can do it!