20140330-182909.jpgI seek liberalization from my two-front-door house. It makes me feel directionless and lost. I can only imagine when guests and visitors pull up to the house they freeze with fear and think…. Wait! But where do I knock?!?!

We knew this project was coming. As soon as we decided to buy the house we knew we would have to make this change to improve the curb appeal and function of our playroom. And that time has finally come. Mwah ha ha ha ha ha! ::cough:: I mean… I’m calmly and casually looking forward to it…

So I’m grabbing a sledgehammer and a saw, and I’m tearing down some wall! Side note: If I hosted a Cold War party to kick off the renovation, would that be weird? Because I just might do it…..

I digress. The “bonus” front door and the low slung window need to be removed. If we just wall it up the room would be windowless. So removal alone is not an option, the window needs replacing… But with what??

20140330-153627.jpgDouble Window

20140330-153722.jpgBay Window

20140330-153742.jpgTriple Window

20140330-153756.jpgBow Window

Obviously the different windows come at a different cost, but at face value, what do you think?? Which one is your favorite?

I think in the next few days I’m going to rearrange the furniture in the playroom and see if any of these windows won’t work with the furniture layout…. (I doubt they will, but better safe than chronically frustrated by architectural limitations.)

How about you? Any spring/tax return projects on the horizon?