Frankly, I’m in denial that you are 4 today.

You have become such a joy. (Not because you’ve changed, but because I’ve finally figured out how to talk to you. It wasn’t you it was me!)

You have an fantastic memory. You are often reminding me of things or reciting things you’ve heard only once.

Teach me how to do that?!

I love to hear you tell stories. You are very concerned with people acting in just the right way. When your brow starts to furrow, I know you’re going to tell me something very important.

You still love to cuddle and occasionally be carried. Which I love! The only thing that seems to surpass your love of mommy and daddy is your genuine care and concern for your siblings. Every day before Jack leaves for school you need to give him a hug and a kiss (which he sportingly tolerates). Any time Maggie does or says anything you listen, you carefully explain, you love her deeply. Sometimes I have to remind you that you aren’t her daddy.

You melt my heart.

Happy Fourth Birthday my sweet and gentle VBAC boy.