In terms of my family, I’m large. I’m a grown up (at least technically). I have tremendous influence and power over the happiness and well-adjusted-ness of the 3 tiny people living with us. Even the cats seem to need me, although I get the distinct impression that they would find a way to move on without me.

I grow food from seed, I paint walls and hang art and sew. I’m huge. I make things, I change things, I am relevant.


I am one raindrop in an ocean of humanity. One star in a universe of life on earth. My power and influence and reach is insignificant. What I do, the things I teach and try to care about and hope to accomplish are ripples. Nothing. I can’t just snap my fingers and change the world. I don’t have that kind of power, I don’t really know if anyone does.

I am small.

If I am so small, and my reach is limited, and my influence is narrowed by the people who read what I write and listen to what I say- then I am free. The example I set are seeds of thought that others carry with them. How I treat the earth beneath my feet and the animals around me matters deeply. Each person I show respect and kindness, even and especially if, they are a stranger to me, they matter.

If no one thing I do will change the world- then,every little thing I do matters very much. I am the sum of my actions. From time to time I get off track. I slip, I yell, I have a bad day. But each moment is overflowing with opportunity for change. Each breath is new life.

Each footstep is just a step, but together it’s a path, a trajectory. I’m always adjusting and re-adjusting.

How about you? Do you try to act with intention?