Jack has been staying after school on Mondays for the last three months. She has been attending a Lego engineering camp; I cannot begin to describe how cool the stuff that they do each week is!

When the boys build with Legos at home they build typical things: airplanes, guns, lots and lots of guns. And we get these wonderful elaborate sets that they want to assemble with us, but without fail they immediately start disassembling the castle or firehouse that took me 6 hours and 3 glasses of wine to complete.

At camp, Jack builds the Empire State building, fighting robots, bridges, houses with interlocking bricks. It’s really incredible stuff! I started asking the engineer and camp director about his methods. What works best, what helps them tap their creative energy and stick with a project, even a big one.

It’s so simple: give very loose parameters (like build a house, plane, bridge) and make the pieces easy to find. Confession: we have, up until this point, been keeping all of our Legos in one giant bucket.

I used the same naming system and categories that they used at Lego camp. We also have a special bin (seen on top there) for all the Lego ‘guys’ and their helmets and coffee cups and walkie talkies and swords). During my ladies night/happy hour at Ikea I picked up the Trofast system. I only set it up two days ago, but the 4 year old and the 6 year old are both building better things with more passion than ever.

I’m so happy that this system is work is so well!!

(Also a special happy birthday party to Henry today, who celebrated with almost his entire class!)

Two months later….

Only a few small changes to the labeling system:




Still going strong!!