It’s a never-ending process, it’s fresh air, and it’s great exercise.

This is my second year growing from seed indoors. I’ve seeded directly into the garden before but have always been intimidated by the greenhouse parts of gardening.

The kids find it fascinating and I’m loving the excitement of seeing change and growth each day.

Here is what I’ve noticed over the past 6 years of growing:
Radishes are fast and easy. But I need advice to get the family to eat them.
Peas– seriously everyone loves peas. And they grow with no tending from me. But watch out for bunnies!
Blueberries– the bushes looked sad and gone all winter but they all look wonderful and full of new growth this year. (Bird nets are crucial!)
Strawberries need to be contained. And they always ALWAYS come back. They’re like the killer at the end of every thriller movie ever- they never die. And so delicious!
Tomatoes and Peppers do best in containers. They like it hot but still need water.

20140417-001755.jpgLook at those cukes!! I can almost taste the pickles!!

20140417-001810.jpgTomatoes are getting ready for transplant- now if the weather would cooperate!!!


Great Spaces. Between the edibles and the flowers- I’m one happy girl!!!